Apr 5 • 35M

Weaving Better Relating Pt. 1

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Ashley River
Ashley River — Artist, Author, Threshold Doula, Feminine Creative Liberation Guide and Creator of Soul Tattoos® brings you “Weaving Your Web”, a podcast where we are reclaiming our creative alchemy to find the freedom to weave the webs of our lives from a place of feminine desire, soul truth, and the roaring rivers of wisdom that flow through us all.
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In this episode Ashley speaks to relationship woes and weavings:

  • Cutting vs. Opening in relational weavings

  • How reality opposition is at the root of conflict

  • A personal story share from feminine unbelonging

  • Lilith's myth as the outcasted empowered weaver

  • The threads we weave our web by that make up our personal reality

  • How triggers are medicine not poison

  • The witch wound in relationships

  • The separation healing triggered by C0vid and our collective loss of relational skills

  • Compatibility vs. incompatibility

  • Closing the reality gap in your relationships to weave in alignment.

  • Feminine judgement reweavings by confronting the voice of the Patriarchy

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