Apr 7 • 37M

Weaving Better Relating Pt. 2

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Ashley River
Ashley River — Artist, Author, Threshold Doula, Feminine Creative Liberation Guide and Creator of Soul Tattoos® brings you “Weaving Your Web”, a podcast where we are reclaiming our creative alchemy to find the freedom to weave the webs of our lives from a place of feminine desire, soul truth, and the roaring rivers of wisdom that flow through us all.
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*Please excuse my dryer running for half the episode. When inspiration strikes in the middle of house cleaning, you just gotta listen.

In this Episode:

  • How our nervous systems are wired for separation

  • The unbelonging in your bloodline

  • Our egos at the center of othering

  • Trauma as a weapon for separation

  • Relational healing as ancestral healing

  • The collective white male's shadow

  • How compartmentalizing, labeling, and analyzing our trauma and healing experience further separates us from ourselves and others

  • Learning how to be with conflict