Mar 24 • 41M

Weaving Sovereign Healing

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Ashley River
Ashley River — Artist, Author, Threshold Doula, Feminine Creative Liberation Guide and Creator of Soul Tattoos® brings you “Weaving Your Web”, a podcast where we are reclaiming our creative alchemy to find the freedom to weave the webs of our lives from a place of feminine desire, soul truth, and the roaring rivers of wisdom that flow through us all.
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In this episode Ashley asks two important questions for your spiritual/healing journey:

Are you integrating your healing? And, are you being discerning around what healers/teachers you are choosing to support you on journey?

In this episode we discuss:

  • What integration actually is?

  • Why you are not actually empowered in your healing

  • Understanding the root of a healing crisis

  • Why we must focus on our foundation and security before expansion

  • Noticing the gap in reality between yourself and your healers/teachers/guides

  • Weaving from integration and empowerment vs. weaving from fear and outsourcing your power

  • Superficial spiritual healing vs. sovereign soul level healing

  • The influence of Saturn in Pisces

  • What to look for when choosing your healing support team

  • What being a healer means