My name is Ashley River and I am an artist, mystic, published author, ceremonial threshold guide and leader.

I am here to hold deep space for radical feminine liberation, medicine integration, and initiation into your soul’s song. I am in service to the pulse of creation and the flames of desire, holding a flashlight through the dark night of your feminine descent journey, through the depths of death, so that you may widen your capacity to birth new realities, hold more life, feel more pleasure and purpose, and show up fully expressed in your power, magic, and ancient mystery as you weave the web of your life.

This Substack was birthed from a desire to be more vulnerable, raw, piercing and direct in my sharing without the censorship, trolling energy, and general noise of social media. A desire to create a safe and contained space to call forth those who are ready to receive what I share, intimately engage with myself and others on this shared journey, who are devotion to their liberation and ready to digest the tools and teachings I offer to facilitate change and empowered weaving in their own lives.

In this space I will be offering the following:

  • Vulnerable and deep shares from the untangling and re-weaving of ancestral, familiar, and karmic limitations

  • Monthly rituals for threshold crossing and transformation

  • Cosmic musings around the current energetics and themes

  • Teachings around the energetics of creativity

  • Opportunities to send in personal questions for founding members

  • Taboo musings—sex, death, money, grief, marriage/divorce, mother wounds, taking up space as a woman, and more.

  • Bonus audio notes connected to future Weaving Your Web podcast episodes

  • Intimate engagement with myself and like minded community!

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Stories and teachings from the feminine path to inspire you to liberate your fullest expression, sing your soul song, birth your divine artistry, and walk your destiny with courage and grace. By Ashley River


Ashley is an artist, mystic, writer, & feminine leader. Through her sharp & clear embodied wisdom, she holds deep space for feminine liberation, guiding you to widen your capacity to birth new realities & be fully expressed in your divine artistry